Once dressed, Jack and Daniel joined Sam and Teal'C in the main room. Sam stifled her laughter as the two men walked into the room. Jack glared at her as Daniel's face took on the familiar reddish glow of a blush.

  "It's about time you two got here," Sam teased.

  "We were pretty dirty considering all we've been through," Daniel muttered in reply.

  All further comments were cut off as a knock on the door interrupted the discussion.

  "Enter," the colonel commanded, stepping slightly in front of his young lover.

  Two women entered the room, each smiling broadly.

  "We are here to escort The Chosen One and his friends to the celebration. Are you ready?" the older of the two spoke.

  The archaeologist stepped out from behind his protector. "Uh, yes. Please, lead the way."

  Jack walked next to Daniel as Teal'C and Sam followed closely behind. They were led to a different part of the building. Upon entering the huge hall, Jack let out a low whistle. The room was not only huge, but also filled from wall to wall with the party goers. All talking ceased as the team entered, the people flowing off to the sides, forming a passage for the Chosen One and his party to cross to the other side. There waiting on a slightly raised platform, holding goblets of wine, stood the Elders.

  As the team approached, each elder raised a glass in salute. Stepping up to a podium in the center of the platform, one of the elders spoke.

  "My people, today is a day that shall always be remembered in the history of our world. It shall be written and passed down from generation to generation of the great deeds of the Chosen One, his Protector, his Strength, and the Goddess Hathor. The Heart of Ariman has been returned and the Dragon in the sky defeated. Rejoice and show appreciation to our saviors."

  At that the crowd cheered, goblets raised high, salutations abounding. The team found themselves holding their own goblets and responding to the salutes with sips of wine.

  As the cheers died down, the people closed in around Daniel, their Chosen One. Hands reached out to touch his hair and arms. Jack, separated from his lover, managed to maintain eye contact with the younger man. Soon the horde of well wishers broke into smaller groups as the people began their celebration. Jack was able to rejoin Daniel and stood protectively by his side. Placing a supportive arm about the younger man's waist, Jack then turned his attention to locate the other members of his team.

  Teal'C had been selected to join a group of men, each sporting well-defined muscles on arms, legs, and chest. Several asked the Jaffa to demonstrate how he managed to open the rock cavern containing the Heart. Several young women and men stood off to the side admiring this group. The colonel smiled at the sight of the star-struck gazes Teal'C was receiving from both the women and men.

  The leader of the SG1 team narrowed his eyes as he scanned the crowded room for his Captain. Sam had been whisked away by her three admirers before the salutations had even begun. Locating her in the far corner of the gigantic room, Jack nudged Daniel's shoulder, pointing towards their friend. Smiling broadly, the two men waved to Sam, as the young woman was offered gifts of food and drink by each of the three men. Ducking her head in embarrassment, Sam tried to get past her admirers, who promptly followed her. The colonel did nothing to contain his laughter at the sight of the proud Air Force officer and her entourage.

  Moving down off of the platform to circulate amongst the people, Daniel led Jack through the various groups gathered. Each time they stopped, Daniel's hair, arms, or hands were touched as he was asked for his blessings. The young man blushed and would say something mystic to appease the devotees, however, Jack was becoming more and more disconcerted about the fondling. When one young man tried to pull Daniel close into an embrace, the colonel snapped. Withdrawing himself and his lover from the group, Jack placed protective arms around Daniel, his glares warding off anyone who approached.

  Daniel struggled slightly to turn in the older man's tight clinch. "Uh, Jack? Don't you think you're over reacting here?" The younger man's voice held a tinge of laughter in it.

  Nodding his head, Jack replied, "Maybe, but these people have to realize that I'm your protector and you're mine, and that's all there is to it. You got a problem with that, my Chosen One?"

  Smiling, Daniel leaned into the embrace, placing his own arms around his paramour's waist. "Not at all, go ahead and protect. Let's just get someplace more private so you can protect all of me." Daniel wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

  Neither man had noticed Carter stepping up behind them. "Excuse me?" she ventured.

  Jack looked back surprised. "Where are your escorts, Captain? Lose them already, did you?"

  Raising her eyes in mock disgust, Sam continued, "I'll attribute that comment to the stress of the moment, Sir. I couldn't help but notice that you and Daniel seem to be wanting to move to some place, shall we say, more private? Why don't the two of you head back to my rooms. I'll make the appropriate apologies."

  "Your rooms?" Daniel queried. "But where will you stay? What about Teal'C?

  "Oh, don't worry about me, I'll find someplace," Sam looked about and offered a wave toward the three men headed her way. "Plus, I'll make arrangements for Teal'C. You two boys just run along now and have some fun. I'll just distract this crowd for a bit, while you make your escape. Ready?" Winking conspiratorially, Carter raised her goblet high and announced a toast to Ormuzd the God of the people.

  Jack pulled Daniel through the crowd as everyone stopped to take the obligatory drink. Reaching the doorway they had entered through, both men broke into a fast run.

  In the meantime, Sam along with her assemblage of men, made her way to the elders. Once there she requested sleeping quarters for Teal'C.

  "Does the Goddess not wish to spend time with her men?" an elderly lady inquired.

  Coughing to cover up her embarrassment, the captain responded quickly. "Well under normal circumstances I would. However, it is customary among my people that when a man completes a physical and spiritual trek they must purify themselves before consorting with their woman."

  The elders nodded their heads in understanding, and made the necessary arrangements for Teal'C. Sam was slightly in awe of her own ability to obfuscate. "I'm getting rather good at this," she muttered to herself.

  Alone at the celebration with none of the other team members there to observe, Captain Samantha Carter began to enjoy the party.

  Jack led Daniel quickly back to Sam's quarters. As soon as they were in the room, Jack used his body to press the younger man up against the wall and plundered the younger man's willing mouth hungrily.

  The colonel had been wanting to get the younger man alone for most of the night. It had been driving him crazy watching how everyone flocked around his lover, wanting a piece of him, and how Daniel glowed under all the basking attention. The fact that Daniel had been shooting him longing gazes all night long hadn't helped his faltering control either. Now he had his younger lover all to himself and he was going to make the most of it.

  Daniel's tongue intertwined around Jack's while his hands busily stroked over Jack's back and arms until anxious fingers finally pulled the top off. The archaeologist had been longing to have time for just him and Jack through out the entire party. The younger man had tried his best, but images of them in the bathtub and the huge bed in Sam's room had kept plaguing him. Daniel's fingers worked faster in working Jack out of his pants while his own shirt had somehow vanished.

  Clothing was scattered and tossed everywhere as anxious fingers removed all cloth barriers without breaking their touches so that exposed, hot, skin could be met with ravenous lips and tongues.

  Somehow Jack managed to maneuver them to towards the immense bed. Falling in a heap on top of it, both men were surprised to find that the bed sank and sloshed under the mattress.

  "A waterbed?" Daniel exclaimed in surprise, prying his lips free from his lover. "And I thought I was through with water," Daniel said, letting a smile play over his lips as he thought about the waterfall from earlier..

  The colonel then recalled the promise he had made himself to making that harrowing experience up to his younger lover. Jack continued nipping and biting at the younger man's throat. "I don't know, this could be fun, even if you don't have Teal'C's legs wrapped around you this time."

  Daniel couldn't help chuckling, an impish grin spreading across his features. "Somehow I don't think I'll miss them...much, although they were awfully strong and..."

  Daniel didn't get any further as Jack moved with lighting speed and began grappling with the younger man in a playful wrestling match.

  "Oh you are going to pay for that dearly," Jack growled, moving and twisting himself against the archaeologist.

  After a few minutes of struggling, the younger man had managed to outmaneuver his partner and the colonel found himself pressed under the comforting weight of Daniel.

  "I'm not the one going to pay tonight lover, you are, for making me wait so long after getting me so turned on in the tub today," Daniel threatened. With a grinding movement over Jack's groin, he left no doubt in the older man's mind about how he was going to exact the payment.

  "Are you sure you're 'up' to it Danny Boy, after having such a long, 'hard' day and all..." Jack let his voice trail off with an impish grin after making sure he had stressed his well chosen words.

  Finally having enough of the talking, he'd been talking endlessly through the party when he wanted to have Jack just like this, Daniel leaned in and covered the colonel's mouth with his own. The kiss was long, hungry, and soul deep. All of the day's pent up frustration sought the release in the sole kiss and when Daniel was forced to finally pull back, he was lightheaded, panting heavily, and noticed that Jack was in a similar state. Dark umber eyes held Daniel's with hungry intent.

  Jack rolled Daniel off to his side and started to let his fingers brush over and trace over the younger man's body. Daniel moved his body to meet the light scraping of fingernails while Jack's mouth began pursuit down the marked trail. Daniel's nipples were tenderly tortured to pebbled peaks that were bathed under a hot, stroking, tongue.

  The archaeologist fretfully writhed under the attention. The need had grown too much over the last few hours, his body was already singing with the desire, want, and expectation - a slow, sweet build-up that was bordering on painful proportions. He thirsted for the pleasure that only the colonel could give him and it wasn't wanting to wait for it.

  "Jack?" Daniel whispered against the older man's lips that had come back up to probe his own once more.

  "Hmmm?" Jack murmured, as one of his hands reached in-between Daniel's legs to start stroking the silky skin of his ragingly, firm erection.

  Daniel arched his neck back and moaned, his hips rocking against Jack's hand. He was panting when he spoke again. "I want it hard lover, now. Don't make me wait, give it to me good."

  Without any further preamble, Jack urged his lover to turn over. Daniel usually didn't make too many requests when it came to their love making, so when he did on the rare occasion, Jack was more than willing to comply. He had been watching the glowing embers of desire building and simmering within Daniel for a while, matching his rising ardor, and he was gratified to find out his younger lover was as impatient for his body as he was for the archaeologist.

  Once Daniel turned over, Jack reached for one of the plump pillows and moved it under the younger man's stomach for comfort. Daniel wasted no time in drawing his knees up and waited for Jack's next move.

  The colonel let his fingers drift, slide, over the soft skin of Daniel's muscled and toned legs and followed the sleek lines up over the gentle swell of the younger man's trimmed, defined, rear and smiled when Daniel shivered with anticipation. The smile was still curved on his lips when he lowered them to blaze a trail of baby light kisses over the satin skin. Jack drew soft murmuring from the younger man.

  "Jack, please, I want you now," Daniel protested weakly.

  Jack soothingly ran his hands over the archaeologist's arms and back. "I know, but I want to play a little bit first," Jack responded with a nip of his teeth to both cheeks. "You like it when I play don't you?"

  Even as the colonel asked the question, he moved his head in such a manner that he was effectively able to deliver a long lick to the younger man's straining shaft that was jutting forward in an effort to meet him.

  "Gods yes!" Daniel cried out, not knowing if he was answering Jack's question, or if it was out of shock of having his raging member tormented with Jack's torrid, knowing, tongue.

  Jack continued running his tongue up and down the stiff, flushed shaft, swirling it all around the engorged, weeping head, and teasing the slit relentlessly.

  Daniel squirmed against the pillow, his hips writhing and gyrating against the cloth. Babbled words of protest and encouragement flowed freely from his lips as he strained to get more of Jack's mouth on him.

  Almost as suddenly as he started, Jack stopped and pulled back, only his fingers still caressing Daniel's hardness. The archaeologist uttered a rumble of protest and dissatisfaction.

  "Daniel?" Jack question and waited until he heard some faint whimpering to know he was being listened to. "You said you wanted it hard, wanted me to give it to you good."

  More nonsense words spewed forth from Daniel in response. Jack's fingers were pumping rhythmically over the column of flesh in steady, sure stokes.

  "Is that still what you want?"

  "Ohyesohyesohyes," Daniel answered, swallowing and gulping on his gasps.

  Jack moved closer to Daniel's ear, his hot breath coming in waves against Daniel's cheek. "Do you want to feel my hot, hard, shaft inside you so deep that you can taste me?"

  A strangled mewling was the answer he got. His grip tightened on the younger man and his hand sped up.

  "Do you want me to ride you so hard that you think you'll explode?" Jack's voice was thick and husky, as he watched beads of sweat break out over Daniel's body.

  Daniel moaned and writhed against Jack's hand, his body rocking and thrusting.

  "Do you want me to make you scream when you come?" Jack's voice was no more than a whisper.

  "Yes!!!" Daniel cried out.

  "Then that's exactly what you'll get," Jack growled in promise as he used all the willpower he possessed to move away from the younger man.

  Quickly, the colonel moved off of the bed, much to Daniel's dismay, and fetched a bottle of bath oil he had remembered was on the ledge of the large tub. He watched Daniel tremble ever so lightly when the bed shifted with his return as he moved to kneel behind the younger man.

  Uncorking the flask, the scent of sandalwood and musk greeted Jack's nose. Pouring the slick fluid over his fingers, the colonel coated his own striking, thick, flushed erection until it was completely glazed. Pouring some more into his hand, Jack then moved to slowly begin preparing his partner. No matter how impatient Daniel became, this was one aspect that Jack never rushed, never willing to hurt Daniel. A finger moved into the heated channel of Daniel's body, past the muscular ring, and began gently moving in and out the slick passage until it relaxed around him.

  Daniel moaned and arched back to meet him, enjoying the sensations of the probing digit slowly stretching him, relaxing him, but it also made him hunger for more. A second finger soon joined the effort as Daniel's hips swayed back and forth. Just as the archaeologist thought he was going to lose his mind from waiting for more, the fingers disappeared and Daniel felt Jack's hands part his cheeks and felt the hard length of his older lover lightly teasing the crease.

  "Feel how hard, how hot I am?" Jack's throaty voice asked.

  "Oh yes, yes, yes," Daniel croaked.

  "That's what you do to me Danny, you get me this way, only you," Jack whispered hoarsely. "Tell me you feel it, that you want it."

  Somehow through the desire fogged cloud that had enveloped Daniel, the younger man managed to find his voice. "I want it Jack, I need it, give it to me lover."

  If Daniel had anything else to say, he never got the chance to say it because that's when Jack entered him with one long, hard, stroke and all coherent thought fled.

  Jack was nearly dizzy, he had entered Daniel fully and completely in one motion and the intense wave of warmth and immense tightness was enough to steal his breath away. He paused only long enough to catch his breath and then began moving inside Daniel.

  Knowing it was what his younger lover wanted, Jack pulled out until he was almost all together out of Daniel before he sank back in hard. He did this over and over, knowing from experience exactly which angles gave Daniel the greatest pleasure and used that knowledge until Daniel was writhing and moaning helplessly under him.

  Daniel couldn't help crying out as he was entered over and over again, being taken hard and fast like he had craved so strongly. He basked in the feeling of Jack's strength, surrounding him, drowning him, while his body was racked with wave after wave of delight. He couldn't explain the need he had to give himself up to a nameless, almost feral need to be taken and to take, to claim and be claimed. Whatever the need was, Daniel was thankful that he didn't have to explain it, that Jack simply accepted it and catered to it as he did to Jack at times.

  Jack sped up, his powerful hips thrusting filling Daniel as the younger man rocked back to meet him. The bed under them moved, rocked, and reeled with them, the waves adding momentum to Jack's forceful lunges. Daniel squeezed his body around Jack's member, cherishing the heat and friction that threatened to burn him up inside.

  Jack was now driving into Daniel recklessly, his own ardor and longing coursing and crashing through him, making him have to consciously remind himself not to slam into the yielding flesh so hard that he hurt Daniel. His hands gripped into Daniel's hips with almost bruising force.

  Daniel could still feel Jack's slight reluctance, the smallest of hesitation and knew it was out of concern for him, but it wasn't what he needed from Jack.

  "Don't..hold..back, give me everything lover," Daniel pleaded through gasps.

  "Don't...wanna...hurt you," Jack grunted, his own breathing labored and raspy.

  'Forget that,' Daniel thought to himself and forced himself back as hard as he could, virtually impaling himself on his older lover's rigid length.

  "God Daniel!" Jack cried as he was slammed against Daniel's body recklessly.

  Daniel didn't hesitate as he threw himself back heedlessly as the inferno inside him was stroked alive and he was driven headlong closer and closer to the ecstasy he was craving.

  Getting a better hold on his younger lover's body, which was slippery from perspiration, Jack pulled Daniel back and moved the man's legs up even further and plunged into him with abandon, groans of pleasure tumbling over one another. Jack heard Daniel's shallow, rapid breathing, could almost feel the thundering of his racing heartbeat, felt his inflamed body surrounding him and the threaded fibrils of hunger and passion blazed in his stomach and coursed through out his entire body. The colonel knew, could feel, his control slipping and felt himself on the verge of the abyss but wasn't quite ready to take the plunge over. Feeling the corded, strained, muscles of Daniel's body under his hands, he knew the archaeologist was close as well.

  Jack's fingers reached out and took Daniel's hard need into hand and began pumping in sync to his thrusting with a skill and speed that Daniel's already taxed control couldn't handle.

  Daniel shoved his face into the mattress as his fingers grasped blindly at the slick sheets. Too much, too hot, he couldn't stop the delicious, achingly sweet swelling that surged through him. With a plangent wail, Daniel's body jerked and spasmed against the pillow, as his hot, pearly seed flowed freely over Jack's fingers and onto the bedding. Flares of pleasure and bliss rocketed through him with such a blinding intensity that it brought tears to his tightly closed eyes.

  From somewhere on the other side of oblivion, Daniel heard Jack cry out and felt the older man's body go rigid within him and moments later felt the inside of his body bathed in the heat and warmth of Jack's essence and sighed in contentment.

  With infinite care, Jack pulled himself free from the bond of Daniel's body and laid himself down and opened his arms in a waiting invitation.

  Daniel removed the pillow from under him with a grunt and tossed the soiled cushion aside. He then snuggled himself tightly within Jack's embrace.

  They laid in silence for a long moment before Jack tipped Daniel's face up to him. The tracks of tears still made a wet trail down Daniel's cheeks and the colonel tenderly brushed them away with his thumbs and captured the younger man's lips with his own in a soft kiss.

  "Thank you," Daniel whispered so quietly that Jack had to strain to hear.

  The older man simply kissed Daniel's broad forehead and tightened his hold on the younger man in response. The silence descended again and with feeling Daniel's steady, constant, breathing, Jack knew the archaeologist was on the verge of sleep.

  "Jack?" Daniel whispered sleepily.


  "Love you."

  Jack stroked Daniel's soft, mahogany hair and held the man tight to him and felt when the archaeologist finally slipped into a deep sleep. Placing a final kiss to the younger man's brow, Jack let his own eyes drift shut.

  "Mine," the colonel whispered softly before floating off to sleep himself.

  In his sleep, Daniel cuddled tighter to him. *****

  Daniel felt the ticklish feeling running across his brow. Raising a hand he tried to brush it away. The warmth of the morning sun was on his face. Snuggling down beneath the sheet, Daniel wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of the day wrapped in his lover's arms. There it was again, that annoying tickle. Reaching up, the young man encountered another hand.


  "And just who else would it be, Jackson?" came the reply. "You been holding out on me?"

  Daniel swatted ineffectively at the tormenting fingers.

  "Just wanna sleep," he muttered as he moved closer to the colonel's warmer body.

  "Rise and shine, Danny Boy. The sun's up and there's work to be done." Jack's voice sounded unusually cheerful.

  Daniel reached behind his head and pulled out the pillow. Eyes still shut tightly against the bright morning light, he swung blindly, hitting his lover in the head.

  "So you want to play rough, do you?"

  Jack grabbed the pillow, yanking it away from the younger man's grasp and proceeded to pound Daniel with the soft mass.

  Wide awake now, Daniel laughed and struggled to get a hold of the offending pillow. The ensuing tussle had both men tossing on the bed, until finally, Jack tossed the pillow aside, grasped Daniel's hands in his own, held them down above the young man's head, and straddled his lover's legs. Daniel bucked upward in a futile effort, he really didn't want to dislodged his lover.

  "God, you're beautiful," Jack whispered as he lowered his head to claim the younger man's mouth.

  Tongues lazily entertwining, the two lovers barely noticed the loud voices coming from outside the room.

  "Really, I'm fine. You don't have to come in," the familiar sounding female voice reached their ears. Still neither man was willing to give up this intimate moment to investigate the commotion.

  "Coming through!" the voice was louder now.

  Jack instinctively rolled off of Daniel, pulling the archaeologist behind him. Clutching the sheet up against his body, O'Neill looked up at the person entering the room.

  "Oh, good! You're up," Sam commented as she turned back towards the door to shoo away her three escorts.

  Stumbling slightly as she turned back, Carter's eyes took in the sight before her. Sitting up in the bed, O'Neill looked furious. She smiled as she saw Daniel peeking his head out from behind the colonel, with very obvious kiss swollen lips. The sheet had fallen away from their bodies, coming to rest at their waists. Both men had that well satisfied look of pleasure on their faces. Raising her eyebrows slightly, Carter tilted her head. It was her turn to tease.

  "Captain, just what do you think you're doing here?" the colonel demanded.

  He felt awkward, unable to get up to face her, as he was naked beneath the flimsy sheet. He didn't care much for this somewhat out of control feeling he was experiencing. Plus, he could tell from the look in her eyes that Captain Samantha Carter knew who was in control at the moment.

  "Sir, the celebration has ended and I was escorted back to my quarters. You are in my bed you know," she added in a whispered conspiratorial tone. "Don't mind me though, just go back to whatever you were doing. I'll just freshen up, and then sack out on the pillows over here."

  With a smile on her face, Sam walked into the other room, where Jack and Daniel could hear the splashing of water.

  Daniel clutched nervously at Jack's arms. "Jack, what are we going to do? Our clothes are...are..." He waved his hand indicating the entire room, for indeed their clothing was scattered in a trail leading from the door to the bed.

  "I'll think of something. Don't worry Daniel, Carter has seen her fair share of men before." O'Neill turned to give his love a reassuring smile.

  Coming back into the room, Sam ignored the two men in the bed. Gathering the largest pillows and arranging them into a make-shift bed, she stretched and then yawned loudly. Flopping down onto her bed, Carter appeared to fall asleep as soon as her head hit the pillows.

  Both men unconsciously held their breath while waiting the few minutes it took for O'Neill to react. Cautiously, he moved to the edge of the bed closest to the sleeping woman.

  "Carter," he called. No reaction was evident. Jack watched the steady rise and fall of the captain's chest as she apparently slept.

  Reaching down, the colonel grabbed the pillow he had tossed earlier. Taking aim, he threw the pillow so that it would land next to Sam's face. Still no response.

  Turning back towards his lover, Jack whispered, "I think she's sound asleep. Let's get the clothes, hurry, but for God's sake be quiet."

  Both men eased off the bed and then silently ran through the room, picking up pieces of discarded clothing. Not bothering to sort the clothes just yet, they just grabbed whatever they could carry. Neither man made any attempt to look at the sleeping young woman. Finally, satisfied that they had found everything, Jack and Daniel headed off to the little side room to get dressed.

  Softly sighing, Sam rolled over to get more comfortable on her pillows. Finally closing her eyes completely, she murmured under her breath, "I could write a story." Still smiling she drifted off to sleep.

  There was suddenly a commotion outside of the doorway. The team rose to investigate to find several of the elders clustered together and talking avidly among themselves. When they saw the team members approach, the elders fell silent.

  "Any problem?" Jack asked curiously.

  One of the women turned to the leader. "They have barely spent a night in rest, please leave them be and let them rest properly."

  "Quiet woman, it isn't for you to decide, it is the choice of the Chosen One and his Protector," the leader answered.

  "Okay, what's going on?" Jack finally asked, trying to ignore that lump in stomach from anxiety.

  The elderly leader swung his dark eyes onto Jack. "There has been word sent by some of the villagers that reside in the mountains here, the people are saying that the mountain has opened up," the leader explained and watched Jack's eyes for a reaction before continuing. "The people are afraid to enter the new came, for it is shaped like the Eye of Ormuzd. Would you and the Chosen One consider entering and investigating this new find?"

  Jack thought about it for several minutes. He was certainly tired of the 'surprises' this planet held, but looking into the eager eyes of his lover, Jack sighed. Gauging both Sam and Teal'C's expressions, Jack spoke for them.

  "Sure, why not, what could it hurt?" After a brief pause he added, "Don't answer that."

  The head elder smiled broadly. "Thank you Protector."

  The elders accompanied the SG1 crew through the village, picking up curious followers as they did so. It didn't take long for them to get to the mountainous area and they knew they were getting closer to the new opening that had resulted form the substantial earthquake when they saw a large group clustered around the opening. The group divided and parted when they saw the Chosen One and his Protector coming towards them.

  Coming up to the indicated area, Jack noted how the elders had held back and stayed behind while his team grew closer.

  "Aren't you coming with us?" he asked over his shoulder.

  The leader shook his head negatively. "It is not our place," came his answer.

  Shrugging, Jack took a torch offered by one of the mountain people and moved to enter the gaping mouth that did in fact resemble the Eye on Daniel's bangle. The archaeologist took a torch as well and set forth to follow his lover, leaving Sam and Teal'C to bring up the rear.

  Sam looked around in the shadowed mountain side and was surprised at what she saw. Though the walls contained obvious cracks and fissures resulting from the damage of the earthquake, they were still unusually smooth and had white chalk-like etching on the surface of them.

  "This looks like it was manmade," Sam commented.

  Daniel nodded in agreement and stopped to take a closer look at the symbols on the walls.

  "This appears to be tomb that had one time been sealed up. The earthquake opened it back up again," Daniel remarked.

  "A tomb? Whose?" Jack inquired as he paused for a breather.

  "I'm not too sure," Daniel responded. "However, these markings indicate this it was someone of great importance, which would explain why they had sealed it up in the first place."

  They continued down the corridor until the cavern opened up even more and they saw the entrance of a room. Slowly they entered and was struck speechless at what they saw.

  In the center was a massive sarcophagus with etchings scrolled into the top and sides of it. Surrounding it was statues of deities, carvings of what looked to be centuries standing guard, baskets of jewels, gold and other riches, along with clothing, weaponry and other treasures filling the small room.

  Moving closer to the sarcophagus, Daniel noticed one prominent feature carved on the tomb. It was a drawing representing the Eye of Ormuzd. Upon seeing this, Daniel felt a tingling shooting through his hand. Lifting it, he saw that his bracelet was once again glowing.

  "It can't be!" he said in bewilderment. "Jack, I think we've found the tomb of Ormuzd!"

  Daniel's excitement bubbled over to Sam as she started to investigate the various items in the room. Coming closer to the sarcophagus, she froze in place. Placing the torch closer, she gently reached out and began to brush dust and debris off of the etching on the surface. Finally, she pulled out her flashlight, aiming it at the faded drawings.

  "Uh...Colonel, you're going to want to see this," she hesitantly announced.

  Jack, Daniel, and Teal'C all moved closer to see what the captain had discovered.

  "Well, this certainly explains a lot," Jack mumbled.

  Daniel moved in closer, his mouth fell open as he began to decipher the writings. ""Here lies the God Ormuzd awaiting the time of return. The one chosen to fulfill his peoples destiny. By the power of Ahura Mazdah he will defeat the evil Ahriman and the Dragon."

  Daniel dropped back on his heels. The shock was obvious in his blue eyes as he opened and closed his mouth several times before the words came out. "This is way too weird, how can this be?"

  Jack put his hand on Daniel's shoulders, and squeezed gently. "I can't answer that. All I know is what happened, we just have to accept this and now move on."

  The colonel stared down at the pictures drawn by an obviously talented artist. There etched into the golden panels of the sarcophagus, were the lifelike images of the God Ormuzd and his court. Seated on the throne, was the God, with his light brown hair, almost blond and shocking blue eyes. Looking for all that it was worth like the perfect twin of one Daniel Jackson. Seated beside the God, in the place of the God's honored mate was another image, this one a perfect representation of one Jack O'Neill.

  Jack then watched as his lover gingerly lifted his fingers and traced the pattern of a second, slightly smaller carving. The identical pair were shown in the most intimate embrace possible within the canons of ancient Egyptian art. Ormuzd was on the right grasping his companion's right forearm; his blessed mate, on the left, had his left arm across the other man's back, tightly clasping his shoulder. The tips of the men's noses were touching and this time their torsos were so close together that the knots on the belts of their kilts appear to be touching, perhaps even tied together. Here, in the innermost private part of Ormuzd's tomb, the two beings stood in an embrace meant to last for eternity.

  Upon further inspection, Sam found the others, each a perfect image of Teal'C and herself. Hers inscribed as the Goddess Hathor.

  "What do we tell the elders?" Sam asked, her soft voice sounding startling loud in the silence that had engulfed the group.

  Daniel stood suddenly with a strange glow lighting his eyes.

  "We tell them to reseal the mountain. What's here is not for their eyes, it can not be used to provide power to any one person or group. The tomb must be resealed and hidden until destiny calls again."

  Staring at Daniel for a long moment, the other three finally nodded their heads in agreement. Leaving the tomb and the secrets it held behind, they made their way back out to the surface.

  "What did you find Doniell?" the leader asked, coming forth to greet them.

  "The mountain must be sealed, and its location be kept a secret," Daniel told the elder.

  The frail, elderly man looked deeply into Daniel's blue eyes for several heartbeats before finally speaking. "If that is the wish of the Chosen One, it shall be made so."

  Daniel nodded his head in satisfaction and left Sam and Jack to direct several of the villagers on how to adequately seal the cave.

  Some time later, Daniel watched with a sense of peace as an explosion was set off and the rock around the opening crumbled in around it and sealed the mountain side securely. His mind drifted back to the image of Ormuzd and his precious mate and was pleased that no one would be able to defile the sanctuary.

  Soon it was time for the team to leave and return to their home. The entire village showed up at the Gate to wish them one final good-bye.

  As he stood waiting, Daniel's fingers idly played with the bracelet that was still around his wrist to discover that it could be removed. Taking it off, he held it out to the elders.

  The leader held up his hand in protest and smiled gently at the young man. "It was written that the Chosen One would wear the bangle. You are the Chosen One, so it belongs to you now. Keep it and wear it proudly, Chose One."

  Daniel slid the bangle back on to his wrist and smiled back in return to the older man. He turned and followed the others as they approached the Gate.

  Jack stopped the team up short and turned to face them. "I'm not sure what exactly happened here, and it's going to be tough explaining it to all to Hammond. Before we go back though, there is one thing I have to know."

  The others studied him curiously. With a serious and stern face, Jack's eyes turned to Sam.

  "Which one did you chose?"

  Rolling her blue eyes skyward and shaking her head, Sam was the first to enter through the Gate. *******

  Back on the base, Hammond wasted no time in dragging the crew in for their debriefing. It soon grew tense and grueling, especially when Hammond had discovered his people had been thought of as gods. He was none too pleased and made it quite obvious as he questioned and requisitioned the tired group.

  "Captain Carter, you said that once this Heart was placed in its pedestal in the Observatory, that it emitted a powerful beam of light when the sun struck it?" Hammond asked.

  "Yes Sir, that's correct," Sam answered.

  "Well, exactly how was the light distorted into this beam?" Hammond questioned further.

  As Carter started answering the question, Jack fought the urge he had to yawn. He was getting bored and antsy having to sit through all of this when it would just be easier to have them all write it up in their report. Looking across the table at Daniel, the colonel allowed himself a small smile. Under the guise of needing to rub his leg, Jack bent down under the table to untie one of his shoes. His action went by unnoticed by the others, including his younger lover, as they were all still debating what exactly had taken place. Jack slid down slightly in the chair. Hammond stopped in mid-sentence. "Is there some kind of a problem Colonel O'Neill?"

  All eyes were on O'Neill when he answered. "No Sir, it's just a leg cramp that needs stretched out. I'm listening, Sir, you just go right ahead with what you were doing. I have a cure for the cramp that shouldn't disturb you again."

  Hammond stared at him for several more seconds before turning his attention back to Samantha. "Captain Carter, could you please go back over what occurred while Jackson, O'Neill, and Teal'C were on the quest?"

  Jack stretched his long leg outward, towards his unsuspecting Daniel. Snaking his foot upward, Jack ran his stockinged foot along the inside of the other man's pants leg. The younger man jumped slightly when he felt the foot. He quickly glanced down and looked over at Jack, who had his head turned purposeful to watch the general.

  "Doctor Jackson, you said that this Eye of Ormuzd that you encountered had a power to it? What kind of power exactly? How was it activated?"

  Daniel tried with difficulty to concentrate on the questions, but couldn't help fidgeting in his seat. Jack's foot was currently making its way up Daniel's pants covered leg, up his inner thigh, towards his crotch. The colonel then began rubbing them enticingly over Daniel's quickly thickening erection.

  "I...ah, um..well Sir, the power that the Eye had..ah, only seemed to be released..when.." Daniel stammered, unable to complete his thoughts with those maddening toes causing a delicious ache to start blooming and spreading. Fidgeting more, Daniel wasn't sure if he was trying to get away from the foot or closer to it.

  Hammond slammed a folder down on the long table in front of him. He was quickly loosing his patience where his number one team was concerned. "Oh why don't we just forget it for now Doctor Jackson," Hammond groused, rubbing the bridge of his nose with his fingers. "It's obvious to me all of you are tired, and I'm getting more confused than anything, so you're all dismissed for today." the general said. "Keep it in mind though that those written reports are do first thing in mind," he added.

  A round of 'yes Sir' answered him as Teal'C and Sam rose to leave. Curiously though, Jack and Daniel remained seated.

  Looking back and forth between them, Hammond questioned them. "Is there something wrong Jackson, O'Neill?"

  Both men shook their heads negatively.

  "Then get a move on it! I want those reports done ASAP."

  Teal'C and Sam were listening to the exchange, as they had stopped by the door, watching as Daniel's face turned several shades of red.

  Almost nonchalantly, Jack rose from his chair and picked up his shoe, turning his back on the group as he walked out. He didn't notice the stares at his back coming from Hammond, Teal'C, and Sam, none wanting to ask why the shoe had been off.

  Daniel wasn't quite as ready to stand as he took in some deep breaths and trying to calm himself.

  "Are you sure you're all right Jackson?" Hammond questioned.

  "I'm fine Sir," Daniel answered, a slight hitch to his voice that he hoped wasn't overly obvious.

  Grabbing a few of the folders off the table, Daniel rose, holding the folders down to cover himself as he began to make his way out the door.

  "Doctor Jackson," the general called when Daniel was almost to the door.

  "Yes?" Daniel asked, turning his head, but not his body towards Hammond.

  "Leave the folders."

  "Yes Sir," Daniel answered, his cheeks clearly inflamed.

  Quickly, the archaeologist handed the folders over to Sam where she stood at the door. As he did so, the Captain's eyes drifted downward and she managed to suppress her laughter as she returned the folders to the table and Daniel promptly fled. A smile was still on her face as she and Teal'C headed out together.

  Jack whistled mischievously, his shoe still dangling off of one of his fingers as he made a bee-line for the base's locker room. Poking his head in, the colonel surveyed the room and grinned when he reaffirmed that it was completely empty. Stepping inside, Jack waited by the door as his ears picked up the sound of his approaching lover.

  Silently Jack counted to himself. 'Five...four...three .. .two...one..' His arm shot out from the doorway to grab the collar of Daniel's shirt and he yanked the younger man inside with one hand while the other hand locked the door.

  "Jack! What do you think you're doing? Daniel sputtered.

  Jack smiled as he advanced on the archaeologist. His licentious dark eyes took in Daniel's hand was gently rubbing the front of his pants that were still bulged, trying to soothe his developed erection. Capturing the younger man's wrist, Jack slowly slid his hand down the front of Daniel's pants, kneading and squeezing with his fingers lightly.

  "Looks like you've got yourself a little problem there Jackson," O'Neill leered. With his fingers squeezing a little harder, Jack whispered, "Okay, maybe not so little after all."

  Daniel captured Jack's hand with his own and stilled it. There was no amusement in his dark blue eyes. "What you did was extremely childish, not to mention dangerous. If Hammond had just happened to catch that little exchange, we could have been in deep trouble." he admonished.

  "You didn't like it?" Jack asked innocently.

  Daniel blinked owlishly at the older man, having been taken slightly off guard. "I didn't say that, I just meant..." Daniel stammered and his voice trailed off as Jack moved in even closer.

  Clearing his throat, Daniel looked Jack in the eyes. When he spoke, his voice dropped to a deeper tone. "You should be punished for that little trick."

  Jack moved even closer to the archaeologist until only scant inches separated them. "If you think you can, go ahead," he challenged, his voice dropping to match Daniel's.

  The colonel was completely unprepared for Daniel's response. Suddenly the front of his shirt was gripped in Daniel's clenched fingers and he was pushed forcefully against a row of metal lockers. The metal was cold and pressed hard against Jack's back, but the shiver that ran through him wasn't from the cool surface, but the feral look in Daniel's eyes as the younger man's head descended against his own in a bruising kiss. Jack's sensitive lips were bite and nibbled on until he opened up to Daniel's tongue. The younger man took delight in pillaging the hot, moist, mouth with slow intensity.

  Jack couldn't help moaning into Daniel's mouth and didn't even notice when Daniel raised the colonel's arms over his head and leaned in to that his weight pinned the older man against the locker.

  Daniel pulled back from Jack's lips and let his mouth move over Jack's cheek, down and around his angular jawline and down the colonel's neck.

  "So, you think it was funny teasing me like that?" Daniel whispered against the soft skin of Jack's neck. "Did you think that was a very nice thing to do, knowing I couldn't do anything about it?"

  "Umm..ah, Daniel," Jack stammered as Daniel found and bit into the small area on Jack's neck that Daniel knew was a point of vulnerability, leaving the colonel's knees feeling weak.

  Daniel's lips continued caressing over Jack's throat while his hands kept Jack's firmly in place.

  "Now, not that I don't like teasing, but there's a proper time and place for it."

  Gently, Daniel's knee came up between the older man's legs and began rubbing against Jack's groin, rubbing it up and down against the hardening length.

  "And during a debriefing was definitely not the place." Daniel's knee moved harder against Jack and the older man groaned softly.

  Daniel bit at Jack's Adam's apple, while a hand snaked under the older man's T-shirt to find a nipple and began rolling it back forth with his fingers.

  "Now just what do you suppose would be proper punishment to fit such a crime?" Daniel murmured, moving his mouth back up to brush across Jack's while his knee continued it's work between the older man's legs. "I was extremely uncomfortable sitting there in my seat being driven crazy and getting so achingly hard with Hammond, Sam, and Teal'C's eyes on me."

  Jack closed his eyes, trying to clear his mind of the fact that his pants were now very uncomfortably tight against him and getting dangerously tighter with each movement of Daniel's leg.

  The younger man moved his tongue to trace around the ridge of Jack's ear and tugged on the earlobe. "Maybe the punishment called for is to make you as uncomfortable in your seat as I was in mine." Jack groaned again when Daniel's free hand reached behind him and squeezed a cheek of his buttock hard. "What do you think? Do you want that?"

  "Mmmm, oh yeah," O'Neill answered huskily.

  With one hand still securing the older man's wrists, Daniel's free hand unbuckled the leather belt about his pants and pulled it free from their loops. With it coiled in his hand, Daniel ran it down the center of Jack's chest.

  "Do you trust me?" Daniel whispered.

  Jack swallowed hard and shivered. "Always," he answered with a thick voice.

  Daniel smiled with satisfaction and leaned in to capture Jack's lips once and kissed him soundly while he slipped the belt around Jack's waist and tugged him forward. Jack followed willing as Daniel led him to one of the long, wide, wooden, benches that occupied the locker room.

  Daniel looked pointedly at the bench and then back into Jack's deep umber eyes.

  "Lay down with your hands over your head," the younger man requested of the colonel and took one last kiss before the older man moved.

  Jack, with slow deliberance, took a seat on the wooden bench with his legs straddling it. His dark, amused, eyes still held Daniel's electric blue when he unfolded his svelte frame and laid back and casually placed his arms above his head.

  Daniel then uncurled the leather belt and slowly moved to place it directly over Jack's wrists and with it wound around and under the bench, Daniel buckled it tight enough to hold.

  Jack tentatively flexed his wrists to test the give. It was tight enough to hold him fast to the bench, but not tight enough that it was uncomfortable at all, the worn leather soft against his skin. A thrill shot through him as he saw the wicked gleam storming in his younger lover's eyes.

  Daniel moved to straddle the bench as well, scooting up close enough that their groins nearly touched. Very slowly, he raised the T-shirt that Jack was wearing up near the older man's throat, exposing the broad, molded, chest and the tight, firm stomach.

  Daniel let his fingers trace over the bumps of Jack's ribcage, down the dip of his stomach, into the valley at his navel. Mmmm, how he loved the feel of all that muscled strength under his hands! Leaning forward, Daniel started at the top of Jack's chest and began kissing and sucking his way down. When he reached Jack's nipples, the very tip of Daniel's tongue ran over and around the soft part of the areola before gently gnawing on the pebbled hard nipples while Jack moaned and arched his back up to meet him.

  Jack tugged at the belt, almost forgetting it was there when he wanted to wrap Daniel in his arms and frustrating him slightly, but he reminded himself to lay back and just enjoy himself.

  Daniel moved further down Jack's chest, down to Jack's stomach where he nibbled on the hard muscles of Jack's abdomen Down lower he went where his tongue swirled and dipped into Jack's sensitive navel. Jack groaned appreciatively under the attention.

  Daniel then sat back and let his fingers stroke over Jack's inner thighs through his pants, happily contenting himself with small, soothing, circular movements.

  "Do you have any idea how sexy you are to me Jack O'Neill?" Daniel growled, his thumbs slipping down to caresses Jack's testicles.

  "Sometimes I can't stand being near you here at the base because all I ever want to do is get my hands all over you, and forget about what Hammond and the rest of them would think," Daniel confided, leaning in to softly kiss Jack's lips again pulled back when it started to get intense.

  "And the worst part of it is, the more I get, the more I want," Daniel said huskily, his hands unbuttoning the fly of Jack's pants.

  Slowly sliding the zipper down, Daniel began pulling the pants down past Jack's hips. O'Neill raised his rear up in effort to help him and soon the material was tossed onto the concrete floor. White briefs were snuggly taunt, hinting at the lines and curves of the moist erection Daniel knew was hidden underneath. Both of Daniel's hands moved up to tease that hard length through the thin fabric. Jack gasped and moaned under the archaeologist's warm hands.

  There were just so many thoughts swirling around in Daniel's head that he couldn't make sense of all of it. He wanted to tell Jack how good he made Daniel feel - how just a smile from him made every difference to the younger man - how it wasn't only the love-making that Daniel enjoyed, but simply Jack's presence that warmed him. How could he express how much he loved Jack? He wasn't sure, but he hoped there would be enough time to at least show him over and over and over again.

  Slipping his fingers into the band into of Jack's briefs and slid them down the colonel's hips, and off while Jack's ruddy erection bobbed out hunting for attention. Daniel slowly took the pad of his thumb and began massaging the weeping moisture from the engorged head all the way around it until it glistened in the light. Jack groaned and pushed his hips forward to the stimulation, frustrated at the gentle teasing when he was wanting more but was unable to move fully for it. Daniel bent his head down and blew gently across the inflamed tip and Jack writhed, the muscles in his behind clenching and unclenching as he moaned.

  "Do you want me to taste you lover?" Daniel asked.

  "Gods yes," Jack managed to answer in a thick, dazed voice.

  "Would you like it better if I touched just the tip, or took you in my mouth all at once? Do you want to feel my tongue or do you need to be sucked, hard? Gentle and slow or would you want to pump into my mouth as hard and fast as you could?" Daniel asked in a soft, low voice.

  "Daniel, please..." Jack murmured, his hips already seeking the warm, wet depths that were only a hair's breadth away.

  "Would you come in my mouth, filling it until I swallowed the sweetness or would you rather wait until I'm buried so far inside your tight body you can't breathe without feeling me?" Daniel stuck his tongue out and barely dragged it across the head of Jack's member.

  Jack hissed loudly through his teeth, and sucked in a breath. "Danny, Daniel, need you.."

  "Do you want to feel my hips twisting and driving into you, pounding against you, feeling that friction inside as I do it over and over again?" Daniel took another lick at Jack's hard, aching, shaft and the older man bucked against him.

  "Oh yes, yes Danny, do it, do it now!" Jack exclaimed, twisting his arms against the leather strap that still held him still.

  Daniel's head began bobbing up and down as he slowly took Jack completely into his mouth until he felt him against the back of his throat. His lips and cheeks slowly squeezed around the length, Daniel's tongue gliding, swirling over the hot flesh as Jack's hips began rocking back and forth in sync to the pace he set. Gently as he moved, Daniel let his teeth scrape against the sensitive skin and Jack groaned in pleasure.

  Jack was certain he was slowly being driven out of his mind. As he laid there, being taken into Daniel's steamy mouth over and over again, helplessly at Daniel's mercy, Jack was finding the feeling incredible. He'd never given up his control so utterly completely before and it was exhilarating, intoxicating. He knew instinctively that it was only this good because he trusted Daniel so completely. God, he felt like his blood was boiling in his veins. Over and over again Daniel's mouth took him in, caressing him, showering him with endless warmth. Jack let his eyes fall closed and just concentrated on the wave after wave of sensation.

  "Daniel?" Jack called, in a gruff voice.

  Daniel released Jack from his mouth and Jack almost gasped from the rush of cold air across his skin that felt frigid after being in the furnace of Daniel's mouth.

  "What is it lover?"

  "Will you...I want my mouth on you too," Jack requested. O'Neill felt a little at odds at having to ask for what he wanted from Daniel when normally he could just follow his urges.

  Daniel moved up and placed a soft kiss on Jack's lips, and O'Neill could taste himself before the archaeologist moved to get up.

  The younger man's fingers worked quickly to release the fastening of his pants and let them drop in a pool at his feet while he pushed down the bikini briefs that barely covered him. Kicking both to the side, Daniel left his T-shirt on as he moved to straddle the older man's face. Jack licked his lips in anticipation as Daniel's silky, thick, firm member hovered above his mouth.

  When Daniel was settled and the weeping tip was within distance, Jack let his tongue dart out and swabbed it with his tongue before Daniel sank down further. Jack took all the archaeologist into his mouth, raising his head from the wooden bench to let him lick and suck the velvet length.

  Daniel moaned softly and his hips moved against Jack's tongue while his own mouth sought out Jack's neglected member. Daniel tongued and nipped at Jack's tightly drawn testicles, taking one and then the other into his mouth to gently suck on it before returning to the inflamed shaft.

  Jack murmured softly, longing to take Daniel's tight rear into his hands and squeeze the firm flesh as he sucked and licked hard and was encouraged by Daniel's anxious movements and the soft, indistinct sounds coming from the younger man's throat.

  Daniel felt like he was being swallowed whole, taken into that heated haven over and over again while Jack's throat and tongue worked in conjunction to take him to the acme, only to let the swelling and rolling of desire fall away from under him, just beyond his grasp. It amazed Daniel just how well Jack knew his body, how he reacted to the subtle clues that let Jack know just when Daniel was on the verge. It drove him to sweet insanity and Daniel loved every precious second of it!

  Daniel could here Jack's murmuring getting stronger and stronger, could feel the heat and tension coiled inside the colonel's body, felt the slight shivering under him and knew that Jack was on the outskirts of control. The archaeologist could almost feel the war battling within his lover's body to remain to keep his restraint in tact and knew that with very little effort, Daniel could turn the tides of that war.

  The younger man suddenly stopped, and caught his breath for a moment. Jack writhed against him, soft moans turning to grumbles when Daniel pulled free from his mouth.

  "Wha? Why'd you stop? Come back here," Jack demanded, his breathing loud and raspy.

  Daniel turned around to face Jack once more. The archaeologist took in the sight of his older lover. Jack was panting hard, his chest heaving with each respiration, his light skin sparkling with beads of perspiration, deep, rich, eyes glowed with an inner fire and his full, lush, lips were glossy with Daniel's moisture. Lord did he look utterly irresistible!

  Daniel moved up to tenderly lay a kiss on those beckoning lips that drew him.

  "Nope, I've got other plans lover," Daniel whispered in response and Jack watched in dismay as Daniel walked away from him.

  The younger man made his way over to his locker and took his time in removing the lock and made display of digging into his pack. When Daniel turned and Jack could see what he was holding, the colonel smiled coyishly at the archaeologist. Daniel had taken the bottle of scented oil from the elder's temple.

  "Becoming a petty thief are we, Danny Boy?" Jack teased, trying to ignoring the ache radiating from his groin and spreading throughout his entire body.

  Daniel smiled with a decidedly wicked gleam sparkling in his eyes. "I figured we could put it to far better use than any of the elders would have."

  "Oh most definitely," Jack agreed mischievously.

  Daniel moved back in-between Jack's parted legs and opened the bottle up. Pouring some on his fingers, he began covering his hot, thick, moist erection with it. The younger man made sure to be in Jack's direct line of view as he slowly let his fingers caress himself, Under his lover's blazing stare, Daniel squeezed and stroked himself with his fingertip, moving his thumb over the congested, slick, head and a moan escaped, from whom Daniel couldn't tell.

  "Danny, want you..need you now," Jack pled, his behind moving and rubbing against the wooden bench, his fingers flexing and unflexing anxiously.

  Yielding to Jack's wishes, as well as his own, Daniel poured some more of the oil onto his fingers and first massaged some of the fluid onto the heavy sac of Jack's testicles, massaging them gently, before teasing the tight ring of muscled tissue of Jack's entrance. Jack moved against him, trying to encourage him and groaned with satisfaction when Daniel plunged his finger inside of him. The archaeologist patiently, gently, and carefully stretched the hot, tight, passage, working the digit in and out until he felt the gradual relaxing and introduced another finger while Jack pressed against him.

  "Now, now Danny, please," Jack murmured, his wrists working furiously against the leather strap still around them.

  Daniel removed his fingers and rubbed his palms over the hard muscles of Jack's slender legs and then raised them up and leaned forward to rest them on his shoulders. When the head of his member was pressed against Jack's opening, Daniel took his length in hand and gently teased the tip of it against the muscled ring, rubbing it back and forth against the older man.

  "Do you want me inside of you lover? Are you ready for me?" Daniel whispered.

  "Yes, yes!" Jack moaned out, wishing reverently he could push himself forward.

  Daniel gently pushed forward slowly, feeling the initial give and yield of Jack's body until it opened up and accepted him readily. Almost at once, he was immersed completely inside the fiery passage that squeezed him and held him so tightly. Slowly, he taken in so fully, they were laying belly to belly.

  For a long moment, Daniel just held himself still, just allowing himself to treasure the connection, the sheer heat, before starting a slow and easy movement in and out. He pulled out only a little at a time before sinking back in to the hilt, enjoying the growing friction.

  Gently Daniel grinding himself into Jack again and again. his hips rolling and twisting against Jack's, meeting and matching Jack's restless thrusting.

  Daniel could feel the heat inside him burning unheeded as it was fueled with the sound of Jack's voice moaning, feeling himself plunging into Jack's body over and over, knowing that Jack would be digging into him if his hands were freed.

  "Oh that's it Danny, just like that, God yes!" Jack encouraged when Daniel found a particularly pleasing angle. Jack used his legs to encourage Daniel forward, wanting him to move faster and harder within him.

  Daniel sped up, pumping into the older man over and over again, being driven to the edge headfirst. Jack matched him thrust for thrust, surrendering to the overpowering desire that threatened to drown him. Daniel was trying desperately to keep his frayed, scattered control in check, every driving thrust taking him faster and faster to the summit that was so close for both of them.

  Flesh ground against flesh unrelentingly, the raging tide of exhilaration flowed through them and the fever that was steadily growing threatened to devour them.

  As their bodies rocked against each other, Daniel stared into the endless dark pools of Jack's eyes, unable to break his gaze from the hunger, longing, yearning he saw in them. Too intense, too hot, too much. Daniel bent his head down and captured the bowed mouth, his lips meshing against Jack's as did their bodies.

  Jack could feel the blood rushing through his veins, heard the loud thumping of the beating in his chest. He let himself get lost in Daniel, the feel of Daniel all around him, on him, in him, demanding from him all he could give and giving Jack just as much. He could feel the familiar tightness creep through his muscles, tightening his body in anticipation while the recognizable ache shot through him.

  "Oh Danny, oh God!" Jack called out breathlessly when he tore his mouth free from the younger man's.

  Knowing the acme was within reach and knowing he couldn't last much longer, Daniel reached between their bodies to enclose Jack's trapped, hard, length in his fingers and stroked as he continued thrusting in deep and hard.

  Jack's hips jerked and bucked against his younger lover. Suddenly the vortex that he had been fighting against was racing towards him drawing him and taking him down and lifting him up as his body flared and exploded with a cloud of bliss suffusing through his entire being. His hot, pearly, creamy, seed coursed from him and covered Daniel's stomach and fingers.

  The younger man's completion came rocketing through him only seconds later as he cried out Jack's name. His own essence filling the cavern of his lover's body.

  Daniel shuddered against Jack's body, his member throbbing inside of him as he was motionless, completely absorbed by the sheer bliss that Jack was still feeling the reminance of. With gentleness, Daniel carefully pulled out of Jack's body. Still dragging ragged breaths into chest, Daniel reached down and unfastened the leather belt.

  As soon as his hands were free again, Jack sat up and pulled Daniel into his arms, kissing him softly and running his hands across the younger man's flushed, moist skin. Reaching around Daniel's lower back, Jack pulled Daniel forward until the younger man's legs were over his own. His hands raked through dark, damp hair as he held Daniel's head still while his lips brushed and nibbled at Daniel's full mouth.

  Suddenly Jack felt those full lips curl into a smile against his own.

  "Think you've learned your lesson Colonel?" Daniel asked, his voice still sounding slightly winded.

  Jack pulled back slightly and gazed deeply into electric blue eyes. "Oh I don't know Jackson, I can be a little slow sometimes. That just might be one lesson you'll have to pound into me over and over again," he leered.

  "Any time lover, anytime," Daniel whispered, leaning in to claim Jack's mouth for his own again. ****

  The following day, Sam was relaxing in her quarters and busily bent over her computer keyboard, her fingers were flying. She was so involved, she almost didn't hear the rapping on her door. Only when the rapping got louder, did she finally look up.

  "Hold on, I'm coming," she grumbled, hitting the save button and getting up to go to the door.

  Opening it up, she saw Daniel standing in the hallway with a glower on his face. Granting Daniel admittance, she stepped back.

  "A brother? Jack and Teal'C you don't trust yourself with, but I'm a brother?" Daniel asked, bowling Sam over.

  The blond captain blinked her large blue eyes and sighed heavily, beginning to prepare an answer for her defense. She then noticed the smile that was curving the edges of Daniel's lips. The archaeologist impulsively pulled her in for a hug.

  "I've always wanted a big sister. Thanks, Sis. Just one thing though..." Daniel paused and blue eyes leveled with blue eyes.


  "Just don't forget Jack's taken."

  Sam saw the smile that played on Daniel's face and in his eyes when he said this, but there was also a hint of seriousness mixed with it.

  "Don't worry little brother, I think I can control myself," Sam responded with a matching smile, relaxing with the reassurance of Daniel's boyish grin. "Well bro, would you want some of your sister's homemade cookies?" she asked, hitching her thumb to indicate the metal tin resting on her desk.

  "What kind?" Daniel asked.

  "Chocolate chip," she responded.

  Daniel moved over to the desk and dug a couple of the proffered cookies out of the tin. He started to pull the chair out from the desk, accidentally jostling the mouse and causing the screen saver to go off.

  "Hey, what's this?" he asked, leaning in closer to the screen and peering at the type that popped up.

  Sam moved quickly to try and intercept, but was held off by Daniel's hand as he continued reading what was written on the monitor. "Um...Sam, what is this?" he asked, turning his face up to look at her.

  Carter felt her face burn with embarrassment. "It's...well it's..."

  Before she could continue, Daniel pulled up the chair sat down and began reading the screen. His eyes widened as he read, his mouth dropping open.

  "Uh, Sam...what...what is this?" Daniel turned his head to look at his new sister, staring her straight in the eyes.

  She cleared her throat, swallowing the imaginary lump that had formed. "Well, Daniel, it's a story."

  "I know that," Daniel retorted. "What kind of story?"

  "Well..." Sam hesitated. Then taking a deep breath, she continued. "It's a slash story."

  "Slash? Sam this is about two men and they're ...well, they're....Is that position even possible?" Daniel turned frustrated eyes back to the screen. Hitting the down arrow he continued reading.

  "Daniel, that's what slash is, a story about two lovers of the same sex." Sam leaned over her friend's shoulder to peruse what he was reading.

  Daniel gulped, then groaned slightly. "Sam, I need to go now. Jack is waiting for me." Under his breath Sam could also hear him say "Can't wait to try out that position!"

  "Sure Daniel, here take some cookies with you." Sam held out the cookies, but to her amusement Daniel was already headed out the door.

  Smiling, Samantha Carter sat down in front of her computer. "Now let's see, what else can I get these two into?" Her fingers began typing fast, as the story of the young archaeologist and his older military lover began to take form. *****

  Later that night, Daniel was laying in bed. Next to him, Jack was laying on his belly with his arm resting across the archaeologist's stomach. The full Colorado moon shown brightly and it's gentle pale light was refracted into the bedroom window casting a glow within the room. Even in the dark, Daniel could still see the bookcase that was a new addition in the room since Daniel's things from his old apartment had been moved and placed.

  The shelves that once contained only Daniel's books, now shared their space with some of Jack's more modern paperbacks. Sitting on one of the shelves was a sole picture of Shar're that Daniel had taken mere days before she was taken from him. Her dark eyes sparkled with happiness and the soft smile she carried would have lit up the room. When Jack had seen the picture, he had insisted that Daniel display it, telling him it was important for Daniel to remember the happiness he had shared with her. That was when Daniel insisted that Jack also put a picture of Charlie up as well. Jack was hesitant to do so at first, but he saw that it was important to Daniel. Now beside Shar're's picture sat a similar sized one of a seven year old Charlie in his little league outfit.

  Somehow seeing those two pictures sitting side by side just seemed right to Daniel. It seemed symbolic of the rest Jack's house where Daniel's influence was present in every room now. Even though it seemed right to him, Daniel was still a little uncertain about it all.

  Daniel loved Jack, he knew that with unwavering certainty, but how long was it going to last? How long was it going to be before Jack was taken away from him, or worse, grew tired of him? Was what he had to offer going to be enough to keep Jack satisfied and happy? Most of the time Jack was always able to banish any of the darker thoughts that would sometimes cross Daniel's mind unbidden, but here, in the still of the night, with only the sound of Jack's steady breathing and resolute heart beating, Daniel's mind was able to drift.

  "Hey Danny, still awake?" Jack asked groggily, as he turned over and reached to pull Daniel into his arms.

  "Yeah," Daniel murmured and snuggled against the older man closer.

  Jack's fingers stroked Daniel's soft mahogany hair. "Can't sleep?"

  "Just thinking," Daniel responded.

  "About what?"

  "Nothing...everything," Daniel answered, "Mostly about my moving in here."

  Jack sat up further in bed with that statement. Even in the dark, Daniel could see dark brown eyes searching his own out.

  "You're not regretting it are you?" Jack asked, now fully awake.

  Daniel was stunned when he looked back at his older lover. "No, of course not," he quickly reassured him. Shrugging a little, Daniel went on. "I guess I'm still just trying to get use to it, you know, thinking that you really want me around like this,"

  Jack's arms around him tightened. "Well, you'd just better get use to it Jackson, I wouldn't have even brought it up if I wasn't serious about it. I want you around to stay."

  Daniel's eyes bored into Jack's searching the umber eyes and saw tenderness, sincerity, and honesty in them. "You're serious," he stated with reverence.

  "Yes Daniel, I'm serious." Jack leaned over and kissed him tenderly before sighing deeply. "I know I don't say it a lot, but I do care about you, you're important to me Daniel, more than anyone else in my life."

  Daniel wrapped his arms and held Jack tightly, kissing him soundly.

  "I love you Jack O'Neill," Daniel murmured.

  Jack smiled down at him. "I'm glad because I think you just may be stuck with me." He let his hands roam over the younger man's body as he stole another kiss. "Now you'd better get some sleep because I've got some plans for us for tomorrow."

  "Oh really? Like what?" Daniel asked curiously.

  "Well, since Hammond is giving us that week off we were promised finally, I'm planning on kidnapping you, dragging you off to a secluded cabin with enough supplies for a month and making sure no one knows where we are. What do you think? Dinners on the grill, hikes in the woods, fishing, swimming...just you and me. What do you say?" Jack asked.

  "Mmmm, sounds wonderful," Daniel murmured, planting kisses over Jack's throat.

  "It does, doesn't it?" Jack whispered.

  Jack moved back down into the bed and pulled Daniel on top of his chest and pulled the blanket back over them. Daniel listened as Jack's breathing turned slow and steady, his chest rising and falling against his cheek. As the archaeologist followed his older lover into sleep, he allowed himself a small, content smile. The small doubts that had been plaguing him had vanished within the warmth of Jack's arms. In its place was the feeling that they just might make it, that they just might have a chance yet. Taking one last look at the bookshelf, Daniel felt a sense of contentment wash over him. Thinking about the carvings in Ormuzd's tomb, he realized what it truly was, he knew he was where he belonged...he was home.

The end